Tournament software by TorneoPal

TorneoPal is a web based app that is used by tournament and league organisers across the UK to manage their events.
All the work involved in running a tournament like taking registrations, creating groups, making the schedule, managing referee appointments and publishing results, can be done from your TorneoPal app.

About us

We provide a web based app for setting up your league or tournament. This admin tool is connected to a fully customised, mobile friendly results site for teams to see the groups, fixtures, results and top scorers. We also offer custom apps to larger tournaments.

Who can we help?

Tournament and league organisers who are currently running tournaments with Microsoft Excel or using outdated tournament software. Our customers range from National Federations to local teams who run leagues or tournaments with 30 teams or more.

Why TorneoPal?

It’s a web based tournament management app that makes life easier for organisers and the experience better for teams. TorneoPal is chosen by organisers in over 20 countries for its low cost and high value.

Perfect 5/5 Facebook reviews

Fully integrated

The tournament management tool is directly linked to the results site so everything done by the organiser is available instantly to the teams.

Live results

Our tournament results sites make a massive difference to the experience for the volunteers and the teams on tournament day. They are invaluable!

No paperwork

Asking teams to register by printing out PDF forms and sending them back to you is too much hassle for them and you. Let them register online!

No mistakes

With Excel or basic software, mistakes are made when there are late changes, for example if a team doesn’t show. Managing this with TorneoPal is super easy.


Moving from paper to online can be a little daunting. Our system is built to be fast and reliable and works even on weak 3G signals.


We don’t just provide you with software, we have years of experience and can help you set everything up and support you on match day by phone, email and chat.

We've got something for everyone

Give your tournament

the system it deserves

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